February 13, 2008


I have not written for several days, which is okay.

Last night, I decided to reboot my brain.  To change my paradigm.  Clear out the cobwebs.

I think sometimes, the brain is like a computer.  The longer it runs, the slower it becomes.  It fills up with the cruft of daily life.  It slows under the load of running services.

This is especially true if you (like me) assault yourself with media.  I don’t watch a lot of television (perhaps 2 hours a week), but I am constantly reading.

More recently, I have been reading many blogs concerned with life change, personal productivity, freelance writing, and so forth.  I have been doing this because I, like you perhaps, am seeking change.  I have set off on the path to personal independence, to become self-employed.

However, I have found of late that I have not been particularly productive – I have not been moving forward towards my goals.  The main problem for me is that I have been a consumer, not a creator.

I have spent many, many months reading about how to change my life, but I have done nothing about it, really.  I know that for me, personally, the way forward is to write.  All I want to do is write, just as I am now.  For a time, I was good about it.  I was writing 1000+ words per day.

And then I stopped.

Last night, I decided to reboot, to discover why.  I stopped reading my RSS feeds, stopped looking at web pages, and I went to bed very early.  I woke up today at 4 am, and sat down to think.

In the peace and quiet of the early morning, I sat down to think about what I truly wish to accomplish, and how I will do that.  Like a computer, I just needed to clear my memory of the temporary files, restart all of the services that were running in the background.

Other writers have suggested creating a daily schedule to achieve personal productivity – I have done this, but I have not been following it.  I believe, in my eagerness to change, I had become so obsessed with collecting and consuming information, that I neglected to apply it.

So, early this morning, I reviewed my daily schedule.

Today, I am following it.

The solution to change is quite simple.  Write down what you want to achieve.  Write down the steps necessary to achieve that.  Assign timelines for achieving your goals.  Create a plan for knocking off one or two of the steps each day.  Stick to the plan.

The difficult part is sticking to the plan.

There is hope, though.  Give yourself a reboot.  Unplug for a day, two days, a weekend.  Think about what you really want to accomplish.  Look around you at people who have successfully made a change.  They are really no different from you.  They have likely already gone through this same stage, and they survived, and thrived.

My personal inspirations are people like James & Harry, Naomi, Tim, Leo.

They failed early, and failed often.

As I am doing now, and as you can also do.

The end goal of this for me is to be able to look back at this time in my life, 20, 30 years from now and say, “this is when I made the decision to change, and I am happy that I had the courage to do it”.  I will not look back and say, “I wish I had…”

Go ahead.  Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete.



4 Responses to “reboot.”

  1. I’ve rebooted so many times in the past couple of years, you really don’t want to know.

    To build a mansion from a house, you don’t renovate – you tear it down and rebuild.

  2. brettlegree Says:

    And the trick is, to make sure it is not a McMansion. Make it welcoming.

    I have to make sure you can read the text here… 🙂

  3. Simonne Says:

    Not only I reboot often, but I also format every two-three years. Nothing is better than a fresh start. I’m never sorry for the data lost in the formatting process – I just make place for the new. And I love that each time it happens.

  4. brettlegree Says:

    Hi Simonne, thank you for stopping by to say hello. I had a look at your blog and there is a lot of great stuff there.

    It’s kind of funny, I’m due for a reboot myself. I’ve been working hard in the background with some great people, I have a new custom blog theme and a hosted service – almost ready to let it loose.

    And now, once it is running, I’ll have to reboot again so that I can concentrate once more on the important things.

    Thanks again for your words.

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