reboot (redux).

February 13, 2008


Today I found all the inspiration I’ll ever need to change my life.

I have been commenting on some really great blogs lately (today, for instance, at Men with Pens), and I’ve been getting some incredible encouragement – thank you people!

And today, I found all the inspiration I’ll ever need to change my life.  One of the tasks at my “day job” is to write a revision to a document which details facility requirements for the future of my company.

The original document was written in 2006.  It references another document, which was written by THE SAME AUTHOR in 1981.

Nothing has changed in 25 years.  Absolutely nothing.  Nothing to show, really, for 25 years of that person’s career.  (This reminded me of Harry’s comment today about staying in a crappy job at Million Dollar Leverage)

This is not my life.

My life lies somewhere else, and I am going out to find it.


5 Responses to “reboot (redux).”

  1. Harry’s comment was spot-on. Thanks for the shout-out!


  2. @Brett: Love that last line. You should put that on a t-shirt, you’d make millions. Thanks for the linkage. The comments today were astounding and I’m glad you were a part of it. It’s people like you that make my work so pleasurable.

    @Dave: very cool, thank you. I do have my moments.

  3. Okay, when I look back after 25 years, I’d like to say I accomplished something. Actually, my current fear that I will be unable to say that to my satisfaction probably drives my motivation.

    Thanks for being around, Brett. We enjoy your company. Now we’ll come hang at your place, too 🙂

  4. ellen Says:

    You will find it Brett. I have faith in you. You’re a smart guy with a will to succeed. Enjoy reading you at Men with Pens. The writing life takes us so many places we never even dreamed of. Oh the places we go, and the people we meet…

  5. brettlegree Says:

    Thank you very much, all of you, for your words and encouragement.

    @ Harry, maybe I’ll make that t-shirt soon. I kind of like that line too.

    @ Ellen, I think we are all on the right track. I feel something when I write that I’ve not felt for years, with my “real engineering job”. And that is a good thing.

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