February 10, 2008


What does it mean?

Hypertracking is that which is faster than fast-tracking.  From the old mantra “work smarter, not harder”, I believe in general that fast-trackers are just working harder.  They do not work smarter.

I have to work smarter, for many reasons, personal and professional.

In the traditional sense, those who work harder tend to only work longer, using normal methods – inefficiencies and all.

For me to succeed, I have to work smarter than those who work harder.

I do not believe that this is difficult.  In all of my years of experience in the “normal” work world, I have been successful – more so, sometimes – than people who work twice as many hours.

I see emails and documents written at 3 am by the “fast-trackers” – emails and documents full of rather obvious errors.  These people pound away endlessly, and do not ever rest.

They do not seem capable of identifying that which is important, and they lack focus.

This is what I will teach you, in the weeks to come.


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