failure number two? not even close

February 9, 2008


Time is something we all have in equal proportions.  It is what we do with that time, which makes us different.  It is what we do with that time, which allows us to succeed.  Sometimes, we want something so badly, we forget to take the time to reflect, to unwind, to spend time with loved ones, to recharge.

I did that last night.  I had a very nice dinner with my family, drank a big cup of coffee, and then went to bed.  Today, I slept in (yeah, yeah, I know, I normally get up at 4:00 am and I will do so again tomorrow, to write some more).

But if you want to cut wood, sometimes you have to sharpen the saw.

I have a lot of wood to cut.  And now I am ready.


2 Responses to “failure number two? not even close”

  1. You have a whole woodlot waiting for you 🙂

  2. brettlegree Says:

    Right on, brother. I’m sharpening the saw as we speak…

    This is great stuff. I noticed just tonight that my Gmail account thought everything from this blog was spam.

    (Professional jealousy on the part of Google because I’m not using Blogger, no doubt)

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